Collaborating for product exposure: If you would like to partner with me to review your products / services and provide market exposure through my social media and live streams, I do that via the following methods listed below:

Ship me your product for free that I will keep

After receiving the product, I will review it, create videos and images showing me unboxing the product.

In my videos I will demonstrate how to use the product and take care of it, in addition I will share my experience using it and will provide a review about the product.

I generally provide the following content:

I will create a dedicated page hosted at the following URL:

The above dedicated page will be used to promote the products I receive from your brand name, it will also send users to your site with my affiliate code so they can benefit from the discount upon using my affiliate code.

My promotional page for your product ( and all content materials I create will be approved by you prior to being promoted live on my social media.


Banner ad on Whooty.Online

A static image or a gif banner ad placed on that will direct users to your dedicated ad page on


See below my basic terms:

Note1: Please note, I reserve the right to make any changes to my domains and links without prior notice to you including ending the promotion. For details click here.

Note2: I will not pay any fees associated with the product or it's shipment (incuding paying in advance then getting refunded). Therefore, please ensure all fees are paid prior to shipping me your product. For details click here.

Note3: Please advise of your method to track my affiliate income generated from the users that came from my promotional link page and purchased the product.

Note4: If you require me to purchase your product from a “reputable and known” website (such as Amazon), to review and rate your product; you will need to forward me (in advance) the full fees to purchase your product with shipping and all associated costs such as custom/import/taxes…etc, to my paypal account.

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