Email for first time contact Send me an email if it is your first time contacting me

Telephone contact After contacting me by email, and we establish a working relationship, I can provide you with a unique extention for voice calls, if required.

Live video conferencing Please note I only use Google Meet for live one-on-one or group video conferencing. I do not use any other app or platform!

My contact info:

Name: Kissra Lynnkay

City: Winnipeg
State / Province: MB
Zip / Postal code: R3B 0G9
Country: Canada

Tel: 1-431-489-2557
Live video conferencing, Google meet:

Shipments Please let me know by email to when you send me a shipment of your products with working tracking information.

Note1: I will not pay any fees associated with product shipments. Therefore, please ensure all fees are paid prior to shipping me your product. For details click here.

Note2: For my safety and security, if you are unable to ship to the PO box, I will have to decline your offer.

My other sites and podcast: [ WiiR1 ]